Strategy Committee 2017-2020


A Strategy Committee was appointed in February 2017 to advise the Department of Justice and Equality on the preparation and implementation of the National Strategy for Women and Girls 2017-2020. The Committee's terms of reference were revised following the launch of the Strategy in May 2017. The Committee will continue to meet 3-4 times annually until mid-2021.

Terms of reference: Strategy Committee (revised 13/07/2017)

Chair: David Stanton TD, Minister of State for Justice at the Department of Justice and Equality with special responsibility for Equality, Immigration, and Integration.

Membership: Members as of May 2020.

Reporting arrangements and timeframe: On the basis of the Strategy Committee's work, progress reports will be presented to Cabinet Committee B (Social Policy and Public Services) and published annually on the Department of Justice and Equality gender equality website,

Agendas and minutes of meetings:

Meeting 13/07/2017: Agenda 07-17; Minutes 07-17.

Meeting 26/09/2017: Agenda 09-17; Minutes 09-17.

Meeting 25/01/2018: Agenda 01-18; Minutes 01-18.

Meeting 13/06/2018: Agenda 06-18; Minutes 06-18.

Meeting 03/10/2018: Agenda 10-18; Minutes 10-18

Meeting 05/02/2019: Agenda 02-19; Minutes.

Meeting 11/06/2019: Agenda, Minutes.

Meeting 07/11/2019: Agenda, Minutes.

Meeting 13/05/2020: Agenda, Minutes.

Reports: will be added in due course.


Secretariat: Sarah Mongey | Deirdre Ní Néill | Jane Ann Duffy
Address:     Department of Justice & Equality, Bishops Square, Redmond's Hill, Dublin 2
Phone:        +35314790200


Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015

The Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 is designed to provide information to the public about who is lobbying whom about what. The Standards in Public Office Commission have established an online register of lobbying at

Section 6(4) of the Act requires each public body to publish a list of designated public officials of the body. The purpose of the list is to allow members of the public identify those persons who are designated public officials, and as a resource for lobbyists filing a return to the Register who may need to source a designated public official’s details. The list of designated public officials within the Department of Justice and Equality is available here.

Section 5(7) of the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 provides that the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform shall prepare and publish a code, to be known as the "Transparency Code", which sets out how certain relevant public bodies, such as ministerial advisory groups, may conduct their activities in a transparent way. By adhering to the Transparency Code, communications within these bodies would meet the exemption from the requirement to register and report on lobbying activities.

The Strategy Committee for the National Strategy for Women and Girls 2017-2020 is a Committee exempted under the Transparency Code.