Government Policies

Government’s Commitments on Gender Equality


The present Government's Programme for Government includes a range of measures intended to benefit women directly or indirectly. Among these measures are the renewal of the National Women's Strategy, a series of measures to address the gender pay gap, such as expanding supports for working parents, introducing paternity leave and extending parental leave, promoting wage transparency, increases to the national minimum wage, and increasing female participation in the Defence Forces. For the full programme, please see " Programme for a Partnership Government ".


Previous programmes

The Programme for Government 2011-2016 made a number of commitments which aimed to advance the situation of women in Ireland, in order to comply as necessary, with the Constitution, the European Union legal acquis, Ireland's own equality legislation and policies, Ireland's commitments under international conventions, especially the United Nations Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women, in order to ensure that the rights of women and men to equality of treatment and to participate fully in society are upheld.